Graphite crucible for Vacuum evaporation film of aluminum
Graphite crucible for Vacuum evaporation film of aluminum
Graphite Crucible for Vacuum Evaporation Coating of Aluminum
Graphite crucible is an indispensable consumable part in the production of vacuum evaporation aluminium coating, which requires high quality graphite crucible. Because the graphite crucible quality affect the product quality and production cost of aluminum coated film directly.
Our Advantages:
  1. Graphite raw material has high bulk density and low porosity, which resists the erosion of molten aluminum liquid and gaseous aluminum particles to the greatest extent.
  2. Graphite raw material with high purity, low ash content prevents volatile substances in production, avoiding spots, holes on aluminum coated film, which can guarantee the quality of the aluminum coated film.
  3. Graphite crucible has precise dimensions, smooth surface, strong oxidation resistance, low consumption and long service life.
Technical Index:
Grain Size
Bulk Density
Compressive Strength
Flexural Strength
Specific Resistance
Ash content
Shore Hardness
MSS90 25 1.90 70 35 11 12 0.08 60