Graphite Electrode for electric discharge machining
Graphite Electrode for electric discharge machining
As Ningheda ,Graphite Electrode for electric discharge machining compares with copper:
——Machining speed: high speed rough milling is 3 times of copper block, and high speed fine milling is 5 times of copper block.
——Good machinability, complex geometric molding is available.
——Light weight, low density (less than 1/4 of copper), easy to clamp.
——It can reduce the number of single electrodes, because it can be bundled into composite electrodes.
——Good thermal stability and no deformation
——No machined burr
Our company selects excellent graphite materials both at home and abroad. The graphite material has the characteristics of high purity, fine grain, good electric conductive and thermal conductivity, high density, corrosion resistance, good thermal resistance, good thermal stability, high mechanical strength, low permeability, good oxidation resistance and so on. And with a complete set of CNC machining equipment, the accuracy of graphite molds can be accurately controlled, which makes us meet customer needs all the time.